Concept and construction of tubular hardfacing stick electrodes and its advantages

The advent of Solid-Core electrode for joining took place about 100 years ago. Then, came Solid-Core electrode for Hardfacing where high alloy contents in the weld-metal were the primary considerations to impart wear-resistant surfaces on base metal.

Since high alloying elements need to be transferred across the arc to the weld-metal, thick flux coatings for such Hardfacing Solid-Core Electrodes became the necessity. Effective result of such thick flux coating having high-alloy contents leads to the following short-comings.

To get over such difficulties of operations along with above short-comings associated with solid-core hardfacing electrodes, the concept of making high-alloyed electrodes through Powder-Metallurgical method came to the minds of Developers which has finally given rise to the present form of Tubular Hardfacing

Constructional difference in THF lead to the following advantages

It is universally accepted fact that THF electrodes give greater wear resistance & twice the VALUE FOR MONEY of Solid-Core Hardfacing Electrodes.

Since a combination of wear factors is responsible for wear of components, Cuarepoti Electrodes has developed THF Electrodes based on the Primary wear factor and then the Secondary wear factor(s).

Our main lines are:

Notes on Wear Resistance vis-à-vis Hardness

General suggestions before selection of electrodes for different type of wear-mode